Friday, October 21, 2005

Browser Mania!

What's it with me and Web-Bowsers?

The more i acquire them the more i am dissatisfied with them, yet i keep on downloading new web browsers and trying them out, but now i think i need to stop doing that.


To get some work done, alright!

Half of the time i am trying out new softwares, the major chunk of which are new browsers or their updates. The other half i spend surfing the internet. And then i wonder, "Why no work is done!" or "Time sure flies!"

Got to get some work done, sometimes atleast. Well this week proved to be just that, I was working on a crystal report for 3 days, and when it was done, I didnt believe that i hadn't done much on the internet or tried new applications for 3 days.

So that day i scheduled a download for the developers version of Microsoft Sharepoint 2003 and started installing it the next day on a windows 2003 sever.

As i was doing that i got a mail from the Flock crew, that their new browser was up for developer preview and i should check it out. Damn well i did check it out, right away.

"Why?", Beats me! I currently have a host of browsers including the closed beta of Microsoft IE 7. No i am not a beta tester for Microsoft, "How did i get it ?", well things do get in your way, when u spend half the day surfing the internet.

Browsers i have tried, include Firefox, Opera, Avant and even Aol Explorer which is based on IE browser engine.

Every browser i have used till date has its set of issues which motivates me to keep on searching for an alternative. Even Firefox is not up to the standards which i forsee a web browser should have. But now that i have tried so many i still dont know which one to use, i hate tabbed browsing, as i am accoustomed to using different windows for different pages, so the first thing i do for each new browser is to disable tabbed browsing. Exporting the bookmarks comes next on the list of customizing the browsers, then comes adding all the plugins and extensions and the newsfeeds which i use eveyday. Whooa! that is a lot of work, now i know where my time flies.

By reflex my mouse pointer clicks on the Internet Explorer icon, and i end up using internet explorer most of the time.

Firefox asks too much from a user, download this and that, close the browser and start it again, tweak it here and there, come to think of it it is not a browser a lay-man will be able to use it to its full potential. A web browser should have a very small learning curve, so that the user can get down to work right away, well in my case, get down to wasting my time asap.

Well, i have lost the point why i am writing this post, well i am using the inbuilt blog editor in
Flock , ya but that is also possible through other browsers if u have a blogger extension installed. So what is the point i am trying to make, well it is that, surfing the Internet should be a fun experience and so we should have that fun through different interfaces, which are web browsers, so we should use different browsers so as to have the best of all the worlds, well not always.

Internet Explorer 7 beta suck big time, "What's the problem?" Well, when u click on a hyperlink, it should open the respective link at one go, well IE 7 beta does not get half of my clicks and many a times i have to see if my click really did ring a bell with the damn browser. I like its inbuilt rss reader though, but it still fails to do what is the basics of a web browser, that is to open a link when clicked upon, i haven't tried to resolve the issue, well i don't seem to have the time to do so, wonder where all my time goes........

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