Monday, August 22, 2005

What is a Blog?

The other day someone asked me what a blog was, and after giving him some technical gibberish he was still asking the same question. So i thought this was the time for a different answer.

"Whatever you want it to be" was my reply. The person thought for a moment and asked me to elaborate further. "What do u want it to be ? A place for expressing yourself ? A place for venting out your anger ? A place for showing off ? A place for sharing your ideas with like minded people ? A blog will be what you want it to be, a place of your own, which your can call your home, on the internet. A blog can be all that!" i quipped, leaving the person to think for a moment.

Before he could reply i continued with my blog philosophy, "Yes, in short, Whatever you want it to be. Whatever. . . "

Then somebody asked me, "What is Life ?" I smiled philosophically, guessing that i'll have to start all over again and replied "Whatever you want it to be. Whatever. . . "

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