Sunday, February 03, 2008

My love, My madness.

I feel so lonely,
so aimless and offline.

I feel so helpless,
so selfish and undivine.

I feel so crazy,
feel sanity cant be fine.

I feel so weak,
frustrated and just alive.

But i still feel the warmth,
of the love i never had.

But i feel so cold,
cos the warmth's just a lie.

The lie's a truth,
a truth I can't accept.

Cos once its done,
my love; my madness will be gone.


Anonymous said...

Poem chaan aahe pan..i dont agree with the view point... :) life starts when u feel that there is nothing in it...


Anonymous said...

If u love somebody just let her go...if she is urs it will come back to u but......if she doesn't ...........then she was never urs.....

Anonymous said...

there is nothing start or end in life..if she loves u unconditionally she will never leave u ...but if she exits that wasn't love.True love,u need to be really lucky to have it!its impossible to come out of True love..

Anonymous said...

there is nothing like start or end in life....true love is seldom found and done!True love,u need to be really lucky to have it!..its impossible to come out of True love

Anonymous said...

Love. there is nothing stronger and deeper than it.
But that shouldn't stop u from going ahead in life.
Am sure life is going on for you.
Love is beautiful thing that happens to few.
You were one of them. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Why are you not writing more poems?
Is it that you have got the love of your life now?
That you write only when you were sad and now since u r not, u r not writiing.